Sunday, March 30, 2014

Goodmorning World

Took a look at my blog and amazed to see it has been a year since I last posted.  Whoa! where did it go?    Guess I will get out from under the bed.
Looking forward to making progress.   So far everything has been sitting on the back burner.
At present I am doing pottery at South Hampton Clay studio.   Talk about being rusty.
I look forward to Mondays and the ride out to the studio.   Like slapping the clay down to knead it.
Pottery is a very physical experience and it has now awakened my brain.  I have been thinking of making a pumpkin teapot for a long time, wish me luck.
Diane and I are planning a trip to Ireland in about 18 months.  Have just connected with artists in Ireland through "Plein Eire Club" in Dublin.  My plans are to sketch and paint while we're there.
Diane will be doing research into genealogy.
And the best part of the trip we will be visiting our new cousins in Dublin.
Just planning this trip is such great fun.