Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pats Day

Drove through the crowds waiting for the ParaDE To start Everyone looked like they were ready for fun in their Green Hats.
Received a Green tee shirt with Dinnigan written on the front.
I had a wonderful visit with Amanda. She is off to Florida this Saturday going to camp for Disabled Children on Vents,  They always have a very busy week set up for the children.  Amanda loves the camp and always has a great time.
Alyssa will graduate from College this May.   I will be going to Delaware with the family for her graduation.
My childrens book is moving along nicely.  Lots of sketching.  Starting to do some painting .  Think I have nailed my charater down .  Always room for change but I just love the process.
Please forgive my errors keeping hitting the wrong keys and losing the draft.  Decided to leave the errors and just get this finished.

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